About RedCheck

What is RedCheck

RedCheck is an easy-to-use and handy solution being a real godsend to assess protection maturity and manage information security in enterprises of any scale. Its troubleshooting functionality addresses any and all vulnerabilities left behind by code errors, incorrect security settings, weak passwords, unauthorized installation of software or hardware, delays in critical updates, and security policy breaches.


Being the core of the scanner, the original interpreters OVAL and XCCDF support the latest release of SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) and thus enable the scanner to handle security content collected from OVALdb, a proprietary repository by ALTEX-SOFT, and third-party repositories (by MITRE, CIS, Red Hat, and others).

With a vibrant combination of agent and agentless scanning capabilities, users can run system security assessments as quickly and effectively as possible. Scanning technologies, available transports and required access privileges are specified below.


Scan Target Platform Support

Supported platform - Operation Systems

Operation Systems

Microsoft Windows, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, Oracle Linux, CISCO IOS, Huawei VRP and more

Supported platform - DBMS


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Supported platform - common and application software

Common and
application software

Adobe, Java, Browsers, Office suites, Antiviruses, and more

Supported platform - Virtualization software

Virtualization software

HyperV, VMware

Supported platform - More than 1000 popular software

More than 1000
popular software!


OVALdb repository

A key differentiator of the RedCheck is its ability to handle unified SCAP content (updates, vulnerabilities, configurations, security policies) from its native database, OVALdb, which is one of the largest international repositories of security content, offering vulnerability definitions, configuration settings, inventory checks and patches, being a great help for security assessments.

OVALdb uses languages and classifiers being part of Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), while vulnerability definitions are written in the Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL). This repository runs in sync with those of international expert organizations (such as CIS, MITRE, NIST) and other contributors, with new content being scrutinized and regularly added to OVALdb.

OVALdb is certified as OVAL Adopter, CVE Compatible and Joval Compatible.


OVALdb definitions


Windows OS vulnerabilities


Windows OS updates


Definitions for Linux

RedCheck Price List


RedCheck software is installed on one server (can be virtual) and is licensed by the number of scanned IP-address. We offer licenses for 1, 2 or 3 years. Any license can be renewed. A valid license provides tech support, up-to-date security content access and critical updates.


Why RedCheck

Why RedCheck

  • Security management and audit deployments at minimum cost.
  • Lower network load and faster checks.
  • Automated patch-management.
  • Highly accurate findings.
  • Transparent security audit.
  • Ability to use SCAP content from other vendors: Microsoft, Red Hat, McAfee, eEye, etc.
  • Detailed audit of VMware virtualization platforms.
  • Multiple scanning profiles available.
  • User-level configuration audits.
  • Detailed integrated and incremental reports on the scan findings.

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